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Little Tree Apothecary offers a simple yet luxurious line of personal and skin care products. Based on purity and simplicity, Little Tree Apothecary is committed to providing only the best handcrafted products. Each possess unique and captivating qualities, with set standards, as well as the effort to maintain the elements of nature, health, and beauty. Our inspiration comes from the raw beauty of nature and its offerings. Each ingredient has been carefully selected to be crafted in a small batch, apothecary tradition, naturally preserving its integrity. We believe purity and simplicity are key elements, beneficial to help maintain balance in today’s busy world. We invite you to join us in experiencing nature’s benefits, as it was so graciously intended to be.



-Our Products Are Always

Crafted by Hand, in Small Batches

Natural Raw Botanicals and Food Grade Ingredients

Organic and Wild Harvested Raw Materials and Essential Oils whenever possible

Minimal and Recycled Packaging


-Our Promise to Never use



Synthetic Ingredients

Sodium Laurel Sulfate

Unnatural Preservatives

Fillers, Mineral Oils, Petroleum, or Carcinogen’s