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Patchouli Lemon Aura Intention Oil

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Stoned Intention Oils


 With Your Positive Intentions, our Aura Oils will Help you to Draw in & Help you Manifest the Energy you are Asking for.


Aromatically and visually stunning!

Even the feeling of the crystals slowly drifting down in the bottle as you apply it is captivating. Our perfume oils created with organic jojoba oil,

rich in vitamin E & organic medium chain triglyceride oil. that hydrates and nourishes your skin instead of drying it out like traditional alcohol based perfumes.

Blended with organic & wildcrafted essential oils, custom created for you to love! Apply to pulse points. Use to set your daily or in the moment intentions.

Maybe before yoga, meditation or to uplift your spirit & elevate your energy.



Our stones are family grubbed, blessed
and charged by the light and energy of the full moon.


Crystals act like antennae by growing and amplifying your vibrational energy. Depending on the material they

are made of, the crystal can magnify or modify energy. Our vibrating thoughts work in the same way as a crystal's vibrations. 

They also remind us to quiet the mind and reconnect to the universal vibrations. Use crystals as a gentle reminder of

gratitude for the abundance of Mother Earth and the mysteries of the universe.



Keep all small objects away from children. Do not ingest. Do not apply to your face,

eye area, mouth or any of your inside bits. Do not use on babies, children,
animals, open wounds, broken or irritated skin. If any irritation or allergic
reaction occurs gently wash the area with mild soap and water and discontinue
use. Maybe have a glass of water too, never hurts to hydrate. This is a natural
carrier oil without preservatives. For best results oils should be used or
discarded within one year of purchase. 


*some aura & intention oils may contain a paraben & phthalate free fragrance, when in doubt, always check the ingredients.



PatchLem (Patchouli & Lemon): Indulge in deep, rich, & earthy aromas of patchouli, gracefully blended with the uplifting, energizing, aromatic veils of light, lemony fresh citrus. This euphoric blend is great for intentions of being both mentally grounding and balancing, & energizing and promotes optimism.

Patch.Lem promotes feelings of:
Emotionally balancing, grounding & soothing
Reduce feelings of stress and anxiety
Stimulating for mental and spiritual vigor


STONES used in this Oil include:

Tiger’s Eye:_for protection | strength | power
Chakra: sacral/solar plexus

Citrine:_for abundance | confidence | strength
Chakra: sacral


10mL | .39fL oz
Ingredients: Jojoba Oil + Natural Virgin Coconut Oil + PURE Essential Oils
3.25” H x .79” D