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Student of metaphysical modalities and problem solving using same for 20 years
Professional Tarot Card Reader/Numerologist for 10 years (read for family and friends 10 years prior to starting a professional career in fortune telling
Professionally trained by Venus Andrecht in 2016/2017
Previous work experience for America’s number one rated long-standing psychic hotline, almost 2 years
Received a Top-Pro (Tarot Card Reader) rating/award by in 2017

Sondra is known for the ability to use the myriad of learned metaphysical modalities as a way of not only real-life problem solving, which is my passion, but also as a means of prevention.  That prevention assists her Clients in living their best possible drama-free lives.   Clients are also taught during  readings how to manifest that which they desire, which also allows them to independently live their best life.  Sondra currently has a business as a, "Weather Blesser," blessing the weather for outdoor functions. She has also been wildly successful in  energy clearing and healing which alleviate my clients and their loved ones from all types of mental challenges and conflicts, most after years of therapy and/or medication offered them little to no relief.